Eden Project

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Contents Introduction 3 Step 1: identifying the main problems or questions 4 1.1. Summary of Eden Project 4 1.2. Problem Statement and main problems 5 1.3. Description of the strategy development of the Eden Project 5 Step 2: gathering the facts 7 2.1. Analysis of Eden’s strategic capability 7 2.1.1. Strategic capabilities and competitive advantage 7 2.1.2. Kay’s distinctive capabilities 8 2.2. Analysis of Eden Project’s environment 9 2.2.1. The PESTEL framework 10 2.2.2. The industry life-cycle 10 2.2.3. Market segments 11 2.2.4. SWOT analysis 11 2.3. Analysis of Eden’s Project strategic purpose 12 Step 3: alternative courses of Action 16 3.1. Five possible alternative courses of action 16 3.2. Evaluation of the 5 …show more content…

The emerged strategy is the actual outcome of the intended one, and expresses the allocation of tasks and responsibilities, everyday routines and internal processes (Johnson et al, 2008).
Applied to the Eden Project, Tim Smith, who is the founder and innovator of the whole concept Eden Project came up with an innovative idea and developed an intended strategy with the focus on sustainability, uniqueness, education and entertainment. His leadership and innovativeness became the basis of the Project, which developed over the years.
First opened in 2001, the project was still in its infancy and the management and team followed the principal learning by doing”, since there was no comparable project. They all developed their daily routines and by doing so, the actual strategy emerged. This process is called “logical incrementalism”, which means adding little pieces to the routines step by step (Johnson et al, 2008).
Furthermore the Eden Project uses a diversification strategy, since they keep trying to be innovative and constantly develop new product offers. An example are the development of the new educational building “The Core” and the “The Edge”, or the offer of cultural activities like concerts and congresses.
Moreover the different expectations of the stakeholder influence the executed strategy of the Eden Project. These expectations vary quiet a lot; therefore it is a


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