The Importance of Following Orders

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The Importance of Following Orders
Following orders is of the utmost importance in the military. Obedience is what enables the military to operate in an organized and effective manner which is clearly very important during challenging military situations. While an individual can question the notion of obedience in daily life, this luxury is often not available in the military where the grand goals and aims require smooth internal functioning and hierarchical coordination. Indeed, many of the standards that would be frowned upon outside the military are essential to the work's success within. For example, punishment is not deemed to be a positive occurrence in an average person’s life, whereas the military guide maintains that punishment
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A soldier needs to unquestionably believe that a partner will perform the task before or after his that the success of an operation is based on. Any doubt in other soldiers' loyalty creates, particularly in serious times of war, grave situations where hesitation and the loss of valuable time is often the difference between life and death, success or failure.
Following orders is also crucial as it only is logical to point out that any plan in the military is better than no plan. The second situation creates confusion, lack of purpose and fear while the first ensures the commitment and focus of the soldiers. Hence, orders are developed to provide unity and ensure continuous investment that enhances the loyalty one feels due to his position as one of the family if the army. Orders can go against individuals' preferences and personal beliefs or usual mannerism of live, but the fact remains that they have been tried out before and proven to work which underlines their significance once more if success and efficiency are the ultimate goal. This is what separates between the winners and losers. Orders create organization and the military is clearly about order and clarity.
Orders are characterized by clarity and preciseness that does not leave room to suggestive assumptions which can be detrimental in the heat of the battle. Following lawful orders without hesitation and with focus can help save lives. Orders are simpl7 the allocation


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