The Importance of Classroom Management

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The Importance of Classroom Management
An effective classroom management plan is the key to becoming an effective teacher, as well as making sure that is learning going on in the classroom. (Wong, Wong, Rogers, & Brooks, 2012) All classrooms should have an effective teacher to teach the students. An effective classroom management plan will also help the teacher keep the classroom under control and it helps the students focus better. An effective classroom management plan will help keep the teachers lesson plans running smoothly throughout the year. Learning to manage a classroom full of students can be difficult at times, but with dilliance and careful planning you will soon find out that your hard work and good effort will turn out for
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Keeping the students organized is or can be an extremely hard task to do when you have so many students at one time in a small area. Having good organizational skills is a plus for any teacher this day and time. Having an assigned spot or place for everything like book bags, lunch boxes, homework, pencil boxes, and all other materials that are used on a daily bases will surly keep your classroom organized and easy to manage throughout the year. To help with keeping the classroom clean teachers could pick one student a week to help keep the trash picked up and keep all the books and things organized. Teachers could also pick different students to do simple task throughout each week. To reward those that help you could give each of the students a free homework pass to use for any homework assignment. If you are one of the teachers that get to keep the same students all day, then this would be the perfect opportunity to use assigned seats for the students. When using assigned seats the students will each have their own desk to store all their belongings, like their pencil boxes, materials for the day, and all other things that they will be needed for class each day. This way everything will be organized and ready to be used at any time. It is also very important for teachers to be organized and prepared for class each morning to set a good example for their students.
When students decide to act badly and disrespectful the teachers should also have some


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