In Our Defense. Amendments Essay

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In Our Defense

The title of this book is In Our Defense. It is written by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy. This book was copyrighted in 1991 and the First Avon Books edition was published in 1992. The genre is nonfiction, law. This book is about all of our rights as citizens of the United States of America and cases that prove as to why these rights are so important to us. There are, however, some controversies on the extent of how far these rights go.
The first amendment most importantly protects freedom of speech. Dennis Mahon, a member of the KKK, was trying to exercise his freedom of speech, through airing a television program called “Race and Reason.” The Missouri Knights group chose public cable access to broadcast because
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She lived in a home owned by the prison, and it was provided for her as part of her pay. The guards went on strike, and the State called in National guardsmen to guard the prison as there was no one to do so. The State evicted the strikers from their prison owned homes, and used them to house the National guardsmen that were replacing them. Engblom sued the governor of the state of New York, Hugh Carey, claiming that the States action violated the 3rd amendment ban on quartering soldiers in private homes without the owners consent. The Supreme Court ruled that the ban included "tenants" as well as "owners", and that therefore it was illegal for the State to quarter the guardsmen in the prison guards’ homes without their consent. The State argued - unsuccessfully - that since they'd evicted Engblom, she was no longer a tenant and had no 3rd amendment right.
In August 1967, Kentucky officials, executing warrants issued under a state sedition statute arrested the McSurelys and seized books, papers, and other personal possessions from their home. Shortly after, a federal court declared the state statute unconstitutional, enjoined prosecution, and ordered the appellant Thomas B. Ratliff the Commonwealth Attorney, to hold the seized material in safekeeping pending final disposition of the case. The state prosecutor then made these papers available to a Senate subcommittee investigating riots which occurred in Nashville, Tennessee earlier that year. The Kentucky


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