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Facebook Discussion Questions
1. How does Facebook’s privacy management of users’ personal information affect the behavior of Facebook patrons?
= Well, Facebook, generates most of its revenue from targeted advertisements based on user’s demography and interest, so the more data users share publicly the more money it can mint from ads (Nelson & Quick, 2013).
Let’s say for example I don’t publish my likes and dislikes on Facebook. Then they will have to find a way to push me into doing that. The moment I go in and enter that information I will be immediately targeted as a consumer with certain needs and Facebook will be the platform that will bring them to me.
2. Being a college student you are likely a Facebook user. What is your
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d) The major media companies want Netflix to pay them more, otherwise they will reduce the quality of what they giving them (Nelson & Quick, 2013).
In my opinion the most difficult challenge to address would be the last one (associated reaction of major media companies and the cost of accessing content) because without companies like Times Warner and Universal Studios, Netflix would lose a lot of profit.
The easiest challenge to address I believed would be number one (technology deployment). I feel is more a choice than a must. Although I think it would be beneficial for both parties (Netflix and manufactures) to incorporate the software, is not a necessity because both will still be able to produce on their own.
How do each of the four major challenges faced by Netflix relate to the generic managerial challenges of dealing with globalization, diversity, and ethic
=One of the first challenge Netflix faces is the technology deployment, it is related with the generic controlling challenges of dealing with diversity and globalization because it requires a change in the technology along with the knowledge. Also, the development of skill within employees to implement the technology deployment is not an easy task for management. It is because that the skills growth would also require the


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