The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier

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The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier

Though we live in a fast-paced ever-changing world today, we all still retain in us, an image of what an ethical community, an ethical society, or an ethical business should look like. We are all responsible in all levels of our society to act ethically as individuals and also as a community for the well being of all. “The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier” exemplifies one of many such cases in business that puts board executives in a risky position of making ethical decisions that could make or break lives of those who are at stake. In this case, the board executives deliberate on what is more important, helping those whose lives heavily depended on the company’s supply of transistors or
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However, if we decide to continue supplying our transistors to the pacemaker company, our reputation in the community will soar by a distance. It will convey to the community that the pacemaker consumers are more than just a means to an end to us, we are ethically obligated to help them gain continuous access to improved quality care and the most fundamental of all rights – life itself. It can also be morale boosting for our employees and management, resulting in better work performance and retention rate and possibly increases in financial success. This approach in some ways reflect the common good approach, everyone in the community will be benefiting in a way or the other with proper improvements in place. In addition to the aforementioned factors that influenced my decision, I reasoned that even though the situation may look like a one-way road to destruction for our business as the only remaining supplier of transistors to the pacemaker company, if the suggested improvements on testing and technical standards work according to plan, we could turn it into our advantage and position ourselves as the only successful company in the transistor’s market. This means we will begin to experience more financial success than ever. Overall, I believe that my decision to continue selling transistors to the pacemakers will


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