The Business of Water

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* Who are the main Stakeholders of beverage companies such as Coca cola and nestle in this case? How would you prioritize their stake and how legitimate are the different stakes?

The Civil society is the main stakeholders of these companies it consist of pressure groups, local communities, non-government organizations. The stake of the society can be prioritize by
Relationship-building: Having good relationships – trust, mutual respect, understanding – are intangibles that develop and evolve over time, based on individual and collective experiences and interactions. For this reason, we have to engage with stakeholders at a much as early as possible.

Through proactive involvement of company with the
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What are the consequences for accountability, transparency, and participation of stakeholders? Discuss the potential and the limits of what corporations can ultimately achieve in the business of water? Companies in the arena of water management are more inclined towards making profit, increase their market share and growth of the company. The growing expectation towards these companies can be evaluated by considering the three areas they are
Social Policies: the Company’s values, beliefs and goals with regards to its social environment.
Social programmes: Specific social programs of activities, measures and instruments implemented to achieve social policies.
Social impacts: social impacts can be traced by looking at concrete changes the corporation has achieved through the programmers implemented in any period. Recently companies are announcing goals to return to the environment. The companies have now broadened the view of responsibility towards various stakeholders. Rather than being simply the agents of shareholders ,management has now started to take into account the rights and interest of all legitimate stakeholders ,Competing interest of other stakeholders for long term survival of the corporation ,instead of maximizing the interest for just one group at a time
The consequences’ of accountability is that the company now has to acknowledgment and assume the responsibility for actions, products, decisions and are obligated to


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