Coca Cola CSR

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CSR Case Studies: Coca-Cola
1. Why did Coca-Cola Vietnam chose to work on water projects?
Coca Cola is a beverage company, a major consumer of water resources, it uses 2.43 liters of water to produce just 1 liter of beverage which makes it prone to criticism and consumer boycotts so to protects its brand image and defend its vision statement, which said be a responsible citizen, and run its business smoothly it decided to start water program to maintain its operations in Vietnam and build a CSR reputation.

2. What is the risk to Coca-Cola’s reputation in using too much water and producing waste water?
As Coca Cola uses too much water, it uses 2.43 liters of water to produce just 1 liter of beverage, and produces
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Hence, Coca Cola should try to build direct relation with community that to improve the quality of the community programming. In addition,if the quality and standard of community programs would be same all over the world it will improve their functioning

7. Will Coca-Cola’s efforts for sustaining program after their direct supports ends succeed?
Coca-Cola focuses on sustainability in its CSR programming that how will the families and schools continue to use the equipment after the project, including funds for repairs and maintenance. To address this issue Coca-Cola has formed partnerships with local health officials to teach about protection and measurement of water system safety. It has trained community and school officials on water systems maintenance and educated them about water health. so, the communities will continue to receive the benefits of clean water after Coca-Cola support comes to an end so that it move on to assist other communities in need.

8. How can Coca-Cola make its monitoring and evaluation provide information to measure whether its CSR programming is supporting its strategy?
Coca Cola strategy is to use its CSR programming to make positive brand image and run its business successfully as it believes that successful communities translate to successful businesses. In a letter to stakeholders in 2008, Muhtar Kent, president and


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