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Business Decision Making
Purely GR…8! Water Company Inc.

Neal Steven
Tannys Laughren
Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Executive Summary: The case about Purely Gr…8! Water Company Inc. revolves around the decision to expand to new markets, and the marketing overhaul that would need to take place if the company chose to expand. The main problem in this case is that Purely’s current marketing strategy isn’t suited for expansion, which is wanted by Romil Reyes, Vice President of Operations. Purely is currently experiencing great success by targeting the Filipino community in the GTA area, and have developed a great customer list and reputation. Sandra Hawkin, marketing consultant for Romil, must give her
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They seek value when consuming bottled water, so they buy in bulk.
As an alternative to coffee for customers and employees, and to make customers feel comfortable.
We can assume they already know they want to consume imported bottled water, so image-based advertising influences them.
They rely on advertising to show them the competitive prices of each brand, which influences what they buy.
We can assume they stay on top of the prices at bulk stores, through advertising, coupons, etc.…
Price is a concern to the business for both items, so they research the prices of the suppliers in the market before purchasing.
Sub Market Size
15% of residential users market
35% of residential users market
50% of residential users market

Total Market Size


Segment 1 (Residential Users)
Segment 2 (Commercial Users)
Sub Segment
Premium Users
Mid Priced bottle consumers
Private label brands
Imported bottled water
Imported brands of bottled water
Private labeled brands of bottled water
Large 20-litre bottles and water dispensers.
Don’t care as much about the price.
Are price conscious, want to buy competitively priced products or brands.
Seek value, and buy in bulk.
They are price conscious as well and shop around different suppliers for the best possible scenario.
They buy bottled water when it is convenient and don’t care as much about where they buy it, as long as the product is familiar to them.
Wherever there