Robotic Surgery

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Robotic Surgery
HUM432: Technology, Society, and Culture
April 15, 2012

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Abstract – Page 3
Introduction– page 4 Description of Robotic Surgery page 5
Applications of Robotic Surgery – page 4 – 7
History of Robotic Surgery - – page 8
Robotic Surgery –- page 9
Advantages of Robot-Assisted Surgery – page 9, 10
Disadvantages of Robotic Surgery – page 11, 12
Political Influences – page 13 - 16
Legal Influences – page 16 – 20
Economic Questions/ Considerations – page 20 - 27
Psychological Considerations (T. Blake) – page 28
Sociological Considerations (T. Blake) – page 29- 33
Cultural Context – page 33
Media Influence – page 34 - 37
Implications for the Environment ) – page 37 - 42
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The Zeus system is another system that has been created for the use of the performing surgical laparoscopic procedures, and it also has three major components; surgeon console, computer controller, and three interactive robotic arms that play a significant role in hitting precise areas in the patient’s body (Sung & Gill, 2001). The surgeon has the remote capability of sitting in the console and manipulating the hand that is attached, with precise movements. The surgeon’s hand as used as a guide that’s in sync with the visual axis, and can provide control over the seven degrees of freedom (Hockstein, Gourin, Faust & Terris, 2007). It has been noted that surgeons who perform laparoscopic procedures, are somewhat challenged with strained capabilities. This growing concern has served its purpose for stressing the urgency for the use of robotics. There are many other surgical procedures that are currently being performed across the country that can also benefit from these systems as well. However, it’s very important to determine the qualifying factors such as risk and cost, in order to determine if it’s worth the use.
Currently there are many financial limitations that have slowed the process of introducing this technology to everyone. The overall cost is considered to be a major barrier when deciding if this is a system worth using. The da Vinci is


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