Different Types of Branding and the Ways They Work

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Place Branding

Place branding matters today because in a single global marketplace of instant global communications and increasingly widespread democracy, the opinions of populations count as much as the opinions of elites mattered in the past.
Why Brand Places? As a consequence of expanding globalization, the need for place branding is more important than ever. It attracts investment, tourism, and is a valuable tool to create a reputable name for a specific place. Having a positive and powerful place brand is necessary to compete with other nations, states, regions and cities.
Types of Brand Places Nation Brands: Nation Brands studies six verticals to determine the overall brand power of a specific country.
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Dying cities are weak in these areas. For instance, if a city possesses a bad brand image, it is difficult to shake that perception and change public opinion about the city. In order for a city to be a good brand, it must possess defining and distinctive characteristics that can be readily identified. These are functional as well as non-functional qualities. These include:
• city appearance,
• people's experience of the city,
• people's belief in the city, what the city stands for, and
• what kind of people inhabit the city.


To keep our cities from dying, we must create a place where people will want to live, not just work – a place of interest. Cities need to keep their focus on what their perceived brand is in regards to the outside world. If they are not satisfied with their image, then they need to make inward changes that will alter not only their image, but who they really are. The greatest branding campaign in the world still needs a good product (in this case a good city) to back it up, or eventually the brand becomes false. This is true of anything that attempts to be something it is not. The brand MUST deliver. Any changes that are made within the city must have the support of the majority of the residents. Despite this digital age of technology and globalization, people and word-of-mouth are still the best vehicle that can be used to promote any kind of brand,


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