Vulnerability of Project Management Life Cycle (Pmlc) Model

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The five PMLC models according to Wysocki are as follows:
1. Linear PMLC model
2. Incremental PMLC model
3. Iterative PMLC model
4. Adaptive PMLC model
5. Extreme PMLC model
Linear PMLC Model: This is one of the Traditional Project Management (TPM) method, it consist of the five process group, each performed once in the sequence: Scoping> Planning > Launching > Monitoring and Controlling> Closing. The final deliverable is not released until the closing process group is executed. (Wysocki, 2009:345). It is used in a project where the goal and solution are clearly defined and there will be no need for many scope change requests, such project is usually repetitive and routine. Examples of such project is the production of yarn in the textile
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Iterative PMLC Model: This is an Agile Project Management (APM) model which can be useful when the project goal is clear, and the solution is not clear. On the job learning and training is common process under this model, for the requirements for this project are not complete and change is irresistible. It is useful in projects characterised by product development, process design and process improvement. Iterative PMLC model consist of a number of process groups that are repeated sequentially within iteration with a feedback loop after each iteration is completed, a complete iteration is in this order: Plan iteration > Launch iteration> Monitor & Control iteration> Close iteration > Next iteration (Wysocki, 2009:390). This sequence is repeated severally between the Scoping and the Closing process group before the final project closure. The model involves a more reasonable level of client involvement than the incremental PMLC model and lesser involvement of client than the adaptive model. It requires skilled and experience team members that can work without supervision and are within the same geographical and time zone. There is no fixed deadline for completion of project undergone using this model and change is a welcome nature in this model for a working solution is delivered from every iteration .This is aimed