Privacy in the Online World

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Privacy is something we don’t really think about. Privacy is the last thing that comes up in our minds. The Internet is easily accessed by many people and can be hacked to find out important private information about anyone. People all over the world access the Internet, and when private information is posted online one person is going to be able to view that information no matter the privacy setting a person may use. The first article that I will use is “Who Is This Man, and Why Is He Screaming?” by Rachel Kadish. This article is about the author writing an article about her cousin Noam Galai. Galai took a photo of him self and posted it on Flickr. Months later he realized that his image was being used all around the world. The second …show more content…

The answer is that technology has helped us because it has made the world simple and easy, but we also became bad human beings because people abuse of technology. Singer is right when he said that we sign away our privacy for the convenience of modern living, because in Galai’s case he gave up his privacy in return of using the internet. He posted a photo and now it is in the hands of millions of people. When we put our information on the Internet it makes it available for other people to see it. Technology and the Internet should be private so nobody can use other people’s work and information. People abuse on the use of technology and that is what makes this world less private, and we are not protecting the rights of other individuals.
With the Panopticon we will be more conscious of what we post, helping both privacy and morality. As Singer mentions in his article, “For those who think privacy is an inalienable right, the modern surveillance culture is a means of controlling behavior and stifling dissent. But perhaps the inspection principle, universally applied, could also be the perfection of democracy, the device that allows us to know what our governments are really doing, that keeps tabs on corporate abuses, and that protects our individual freedoms just as it subjects our personal lives to public scrutiny” (Singer 463). The Panopticon is a building designed to observe other people without them knowing they are being watched. In


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