National Interest

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National Interest

The world politics revolves round the term national interest. The history is as old as the history of world. The concept of National interest is indistinct and carries a meaning according to the milieu in which it is used by the states. The term national interest gained currency with the emergence of nation state system following the end of WWII, National interest become a tool to increase political control and the expansion of economic relations (Thompson, 1966). National interest is the long term and continuing ends established by states for which they manoeuvre and acts. All and sundry states are bound to procure these goals. Some countries of west Europe in order to gain their interest pursued the white Man’s burden
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These measures are of negative character even though they may produce positive result. These are acts of non-intercourse, embargoes, boycotts, retaliation and reprisal, severance of diplomatic relations. These are non-violent in character and do not produce any international crisis. The US had taken coercive measure to woo the countries of South America. The USA is taken coercive measures through the UN to desist the Iran from pursuing nuclear technology.
Alliances are concluded by two or more nations for the protection and promotion of common interest. Because of the alliances, the protection of these common interests becomes a legal obligation, which the member states are bound to discharge. The USA and countries of Western Europe formed a defensive alliance NATO against the threat of communism. The USSR and eastern European countries formed an alliance Warsaw pact against capitalist countries (Ardent, 1958). The Muslim countries formed an alliance Organisation of Islamic Conference against the Israel. Currently countries are forming alliances to protect their economic interest rather than ideological interest.
The states pursue diplomatic negotiations for the protection of national interest. Diplomatic intercourse is used to reconcile the divergent interest of the state through process of mutual give and take (Urs, 1970). The UN has been encouraging diplomatic negotiation to defuse the tension between


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