Stride or No Stride? the Biomechanics of Pitching.

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Stride or No stride? The Biomechanics of Pitching.

Brandon Ruston and Jacob Holland
Mr. Post
Will taking a stride while throwing a baseball increase you speed and accuracy of the pitch? Yes. The fact that you are taking a stride helps tremendously your speed and accuracy while throwing a baseball. The stride helps with changing your momentum from your back leg to your from leg which helps to keep you going to forward and add speed to the ball. The ball we use and the distance from the bed sheet are the constants while the speed and accuracy of the pitch are the controls. Each pitcher (there will be 3) will throw 10 pitches with a stride and 10 pitches without a stride. We will measure the speed of the pitch with a
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When torn, the labrum can catch, causing the shoulder to be painful and potentially feel unstable. Dead arm is associated with arm fatigue from overuse. With “Tommy John” or UCL reconstruction, the actual ligament that is damaged, which then needs to be reconstructed, is the ulnar (medial) collateral ligament which reinforces the inner aspect of the elbow and runs from the end of the humerus (arm bone) to attach on the ulna (inner forearm bone). When this ligament is damaged, the pitcher loses command of his pitches and typically has pain directly over the area of the ligament. Finally, in oblique strains, an injured oblique muscle can trigger pain that immediately inhibits the other trunk muscles from functioning normally, which explains why pitchers with this injury cannot deliver the ball. (Bell). Pitching mechanics are what makes and breaks pitchers. Proper mechanics will give you increasing velocity, precise accuracy, and help reduce the risk of injury. Basic mechanics such as balance, arm slot, and even flexibly are what makes pitchers very successful and what also keeps them healthy. (O’Leary). With the conclusion of the experiment, our data did support our hypothesis. We discovered that taking a stride while throwing a baseball, your speed and accuracy of the pitch was increase than without taking a stride. Each pitcher (A, B,