Cathedral & Shiloh

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Cathedral & Shiloh

Analysing friction stories can lead to many conclusion by how the reader is

taking thoughts from it. In this class, we have read many stories that have focused on

many thoughts. We had stories that were focused on women's thinking, their speech and

how they deal with their beloved ones. We also had stories giving details on wars, love,

religion, and one of the most common topic - gender. The two stories being discussed in

here are Shiloh by Mason and Cathedral by Carver. These two stories have few things in common that can be described in a way that

can tell us how the two men suffered throughout their lives on different aspects of their

lives; of their personality. Cathedral and
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From his

daily life to his work to how he used to think about his neighbourhood. Prior to his

accident, he barely had time to stay home therefore, he never had a chance to see acutally

what his wife does and how their neighbourbood has changed. After the accident, he was

able to notice every little change that had grown around him, he also admitted that he

didn't know some of the things Norma Jean does. All these things made a big impact on

his life. Basically, after the accident he's life changed to something he probablly had

never imagine, his wife leaving him.

Where as, in the case of the husband in Cathedral, his turning point in his life was

at the end of story, when he was drawing Cathedral with his eyes closed. In the article,

according to Elliott:

The drawing, Robert all the while encouraging him. The wife wakes up

and wants to know what they're doing but is ignored by the two men, who

seem to be sharing some profound emotional and even spiritual

experience....something new has awakened in him and taken him out of

himself, and he's no longer the man he was few pages back. (1)

This paragraph tells it all, that how the husband feels like a total different human being

and I think this was a big change in his life.

Above was detailed discription of how I think these stories connect in some ways

and the two men in these stories have