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Michael Woyciesjes
MGMT 364
Tanglewood Case 6, Questions 1,3&4

Detailed Selection Plan (Question 1). Necessary for Selection Method of Assessment Major KSAO Category* (Y/N) EDU EXP MAE RKT
1. Knowledge of organizational policies and practices | N | | | |
2. Skill in judgment and decision making | Y | | X | X | |3. Ability to think develop original solutions w/in prescribed parameters | Y | | X | X | X |
4. Knowledge of retail management policies and practices | Y | | X | | X |5. Knowledge of legal precepts underlying personnel management | Y |
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___5 point: Answer that fully describes what steps were taken and nuances that made the team they were in function.

5. Job title: Department Manager
Item description: This is a behavioral interview question requiring the applicant to express skill in judgment and decision making, skill in managing personnel resources, ability to reason deductively, and ability to think develop original solutions within prescribed parameters.

KSOA / Performance Dimensions:
Knowledge: Demonstrates the knowledge of how to prioritize.
Skills: Time management, stress management, and subordinate use.
Abilities: Multitasking, and use resources.

Interview question: How do you react when your schedule is suddenly interrupted? Give an example. |

Scoring Key:
___1 point: Answer that only refers to what the individual did.
___3 point: Answer that includes the use of subordinates and actions implemented for them.
___5 point: Answer that includes the use of subordinates and actions implemented for them. In addition, what the applicant does to keep the task from being forgotten.
___________________________________________________________________________________Note to interviewer: Situational interview questions give managers keen insights into an applicants ability to do the job. The idea is to ask the applicant to describe how he or she you would handle a certain situation, or what they would do under certain