Tanglewood Stores: Measurement and Validation

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To: Daryl Perrone Marilyn Gonzalez

From: Anita Watley Subject: Tanglewood Stores Measurement and Validation

Marilyn Gonzalez and Daryl Perrone have asked you to complete the following steps to evaluate the soundness of the proposed selection plan, and provide them with a report. They are especially interested in learning what your results suggest about the validity of various selection methods.

1. Examine the data provided in Tables 3.1 and 3.2. Write a one page memo describing what the results show. Be certain to emphasize both the practical and statistical and statistical significance of the results. Also, be certain to note which of the predictors is most related to which of the relevant outcomes.

2. One key question for
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The retail market knowledge exam is a set of questions related to the retail industry and Tanglewood's unique position in the industry. Some of the questions on the exam pertain to basic knowledge of marketing principles and other questions address the factors that separate Tanglewood from its competitors. The Marshfield Customer Service Biodata Questionnaire and Essay takes questions about significant life experiences and correlates that to potential work performance. The bio-data exam used captures the necessary job related elements of a retail clerk. The Marshfield Applicant Exam is devised to predict problem solving abilities, ease with numerical processes and work comprehension. Daryl Perrone believed that conscientiousness and extraversion are the two personality traits that will be most relevant for the position of retail clerk. With those two traits in mind Daryl created a Personality Exam designed to capture constructs of conscientiousness and extraversion. The Personality Test Daryl created accurately captures the two targeted traits, conscientiousness and extraversion. Once the new predictors were assembled ten stores were selected from the Seattle area to serve as a “test” area. Tanglewoods other stores also participated by supplying a compiled list of all archival data from their computer databases to investigate whether the new program was conducted on a representative sample of stores. As a part of their annual performance all