Elisabeta Olah Kocsis Tangelwood Case 5

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Elisabeta Kocsis
Human Resources Consultant
Case 5

Marilyn Gonzales
Vice President for Human Resources
Tanglewood Inc.

Ms. Gonzales,

I write you in regards of your request to present a report on the discrimination charges of disparate impact brought to our attention by one of our employees, Stanley Root, represented by the law firm of Eaglette-Schubert LLC. Stanley Root contacted the law firm, claiming that he was repeatedly passed over for promotion opportunities despite positive performances.

Tanglewood promotes diversity in the workplace, and all hiring and promotion are made on the basis of character and quality of work. The ensuing lawsuit brings a need to analyze Tanlgewood’s selection methods to ensure these are
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C. Department Manager:
a) External hires: both minority groups are above the 80.00% ratio, with 93.46% for Non-White, and 89.27% for African-American, therefore no sign of disparate impact.
b) Internal hires: while the Non-White percentage is above the 80.00%, with 94.25%, the African-American percentage is only 67.34%, a sign of disparate impact.
D. Assistant Store Manager:
a) External hires: the Non-White percentage is 71.31%, and the African-American percentage is 0.00%, that can be a strong sign of disparate impact.
b) Internal hires: only the Non-White percentage is below the 4/5 rule, with 40.00%.
E. Store Manager:
a) External hires: while Non-White percentage is 131.30%, the African-American percentage is 0.00%, sign of disparate impact in that category.
b) Internal hires: the Non-White percentage is 195.52%, but the African-American percentage is 0.00%, yet another concern.
Below is the chart of the above analysis, with percentages highlighted in green for the above 80.00%, and highlighted in red and marked in yellow for the percentages of concern:

Examining the concentration data, the proportion between the total employees percentage compared to each position it shows for the Non-White a negative discrepancy in the Assistant Store Manager position, but a significant positive discrepancy in the Store Manager position. For African-American, there is a negative discrepancy for the Shift Leader


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