Jft2 Task2

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JFT2 Task 2

A1) Financial strengths and weaknesses of the symphony

Financial weaknesses of the symphony are cash flow due to low fund raising, and high expenses resulting from artist compensation.

Financial strengths of the symphony consist of high ticket sales and a large amount of concerts performed during the year resulting in high gross revenue.

Leadership strengths of the symphony would be in part to Keith Lockhart's report with the musicians, and his artistic vision.

Leadership weaknesses of the symphony would entail the vacant CEO position and the changing of the chairman of the board during the merge.

A1a) Key steps
Anne should address financial weaknesses of the symphony by implementing higher fund raising
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Again in the learning growth perspective, it seems that the success factors in the measures do not correctly line up with the strategic goal. The strategic goals ensuring production of high-quality performances does not line up very well with the success factor of measuring endowment fund growth and increase ticket sales. The goal of improving the production of high-quality performances does not seem like it would be driven by fund growth and increased ticket sales. The measure for the learning growth section is having capital needs covered by revenue from ticket sales and also does not tie back very well to the strategic goal of ensuring production of high-quality performances.


The vision of the new organization is to become a world-class performing arts organization.

The business model of the new organization should be to provide top quality arts entertainment through strategic fund raising, ticket sales, and resource management.

Strategic goals: Reducing operating expenses and increasing fund-raising through strategic planning and innovative fund raising techniques.
Critical success factor: Creating new avenues for