Corporate Social Responsibility

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It is obvious that people have become more conscious of the ethical and social responsibilities of business over recent decades, suggesting that the modern businesspeople should not only consider about profitability but also extent to what they can contribute to the whole society. A quote by Anita Roddick generally demonstrates the spirit of being ethically and socially responsible: “The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed.” With the increasing significance of the harmonization of society, the view about whether businesses should be responsible for both ethics and society has been sparked off a heated discussion. From some people’s perspective, …show more content…

Eventually, it is worthless for Texaco to make any more repudiation. In this case, the officers of Texaco offered distinct treatments to the African-American and Caucasian employees, according to the Six Moral Rights Approach is a principle which managers should consider before making ethical decisions, and one of them is the right to due process, indicating that Individuals have a right to an impartial hearing and equitable treatment (Rao, 2010; online), therefore, Texaco obviously violated the right to due process. Beyond that, the officers’ decision leaded the African-Americans employees to be afflicted with their mental health, which made Texaco been criticized by their employees. Carroll and Shabana (2010; p95) put forward that one of the social problems is the racial discrimination, however, instead of presenting a decision which is favorable for solving this social problem, Texaco made a contribution to cause it even more serious, therefore, this decision was not acceptable for society. In addition, as I mentioned before, integrative theories is the category of being social responsible as a corporation, and as one of the approaches to integrative theories, the primary requirement of being publicly responsible is to obey the law. In contrast, according to the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employment


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