Weight Loss and Hypnosis

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Weight issues are a delicate matter for everyone and especially in United Kingdom. It’s particularly important to understand the emotional issues behind the weight gain as well as the bad habits that have been picked up over the years. However hypnosis has these days become increasingly popular with weight loss and uses suggestions to change a person's behaviour and eating habits in order to facilitate weight loss. Hypnosis specify that its purpose is not only lose weight but to also maintain that ideal weight. Through hypnotic suggestion, the person will learns how to eat healthy and may also become physically fit. Basically, the person becomes subconsciously motivated to eat better food and to become physically active.

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E personality, modality, and specific goals. During this initial consultation I would establish what Ms. E goals are, and in this case, Miss E wishes to lose 2 ½ stone and hopes to have lost this in three months time before she goes on holiday.
It is recommended to lose weight at 1 to 2 lbs per week, and this time frame for Ms. E to lose 2 ½ stone would not be realistic. In terms of Miss E’s goal weight loss, this would mean a time frame of just over four months rather than the three that she is hoping for. As this is not realistic and achievable, as her hypnotherapist, I would have explain to Ms. E in order to eliminate any false hope and expectations that she may hold towards the effects of hypnotherapy. This will help and avoid potential feelings of disappointment or failure when the weight loss is not achieved in the desired time-frame.
The first step in assessment was for Ms E to complete the consultation form. During this process I established the following:
• She does not take any prescription medication
• She is currently not receiving any form of counselling or psychiatric treatment
• She does not have a long term illness
• She has not tried any other therapy, lifestyle or attitude changes prior to this
• She has not been hypnotised or used hypnotherapy as a weight loss tool in the past

Having assessed Ms. E, I came to a conclusion that despite the weight problem, she has


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