Investors Decisions, Facebook Model and Economic Viability of Facebook

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Investors Decisions, Facebook Model And Economic Viability Of Facebook

Samuel Osene-Bosompem
California International University

Author Note

Samuel Osene-Bosompem, Department of Doctoral Study Global Business and Leadership

Correspondence concerning this study should be address to Samuel Osene-Bosompem, Ecobank Ghana Limited, SIA Branch, PMB, GPO, Accra, Ghana.

A Thesis Statement
Most rational investors decision to investing in any company would largely depend on the companies strategic and financial projections and company would use business models like the convergent concept targeted to meet customer needs. For a company to be a going concern, it is expedient that its
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In other words, Facebook is turning into an e-commerce platform like Amazon and eBay and these reasons must have played a role in investors’ decisions to back Facebook through its short history because Facebook has profit and growth potentials and as a going concern. Developing a Model of Facebook Using the Concept of Convergence as a Reference According to Laudon and Traver (2012), to develop a model for Facebook using the concept of Convergence would cover three dimensions, which are technological, content, and media industry. With technological convergence, Facebook would be expected to develop hybrid of devices that can combine the functionality of two or more media platforms, such as books, newspapers, television, radio, and stereo equipment, into a single device. Content convergence, has to do with content design, production, and distribution. Here Facebook would take pragmatic steps to enrich their content design and particularly seek to resolve privacy issues, which are threat to the company customer patronage. Facebook perhaps is the most privacy-invading service on the Internet (Acquisti and Gross, 2006). The commercial future of Facebook depends in part on encouraging people to give up their claim to personal information in return for the benefits of using the site. In terms of production and distribution, Facebook is positioning itself as the embodiment of a new kind of e-commerce called


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