History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga

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Introduction 3 1. First Inns, Pubs and Taverns in Riga and Latvia 4 2. Hotel Development in 18th-19th century 6 2.1.Common characteristics 6 2.2. Hotel St. Petersburg 7 2.3. Hotel “Stadt London” 8 2.4. Hotel “de Rome” 11 3. Hotel Industry during period of First Independence 13 4. Hotel Industry during the Soviet Union 15 4.1. Common characteristics 15 4.2. Hotel “Daugava” 16 4.3. Hotel “Ridzene” 17 5. Hotel Development in period of transition, and, after joining EU 19
Conclusions 23
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The theme of this Study Paper is „History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga” .
The aim of this Study paper is „ Characteristics and analysis of Hotel Development in Riga in different
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[2, pg.378]
A geat deal of different Inns and Taverns appeared in 19th century. Mainly, it is associated with development of industry as well as abolition of serfdom.
In 19th century were established several institutions which were hosting just particular social groups and offering particular food.
By the end of 19th century 30s Baltic Society was worried about these institutions as there often were seen some kind of irregularities. As an example was mentioned neibourcity Terbata ( Tartu) , where in 1838 were around 60 pubs and in there anyone could get anything for free. The owners of those places were not particularly wealthy, in about a year the income was around 30 silver rubles, therefore in pubs occurred irregularity and degeneration. To improve this situation, in 1838 Town Municipality took taverns under its management so soon number of taverns decreased by half. This harsh action yielded to positive results as increased tavern-keeper financial gain as well as the degeneration ended up. This experience had been advised to Riga city, where scene was much the same. In 1849 Riga Municipality decided to inspect Riga’s taverns. The results regarding these revisions had been presented in January 1850 [7, pg.31]
In various documents and historical literature are found very different notation of institutions; its