Netw360 Lab1

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iLab Grading Rubric Category | Points | Description | Screenshot of OPNET properly prepared (25 points)D-number displayedCorrect project highlightedCorrect number of files displayedCorrect project files listed | 10555 | Using the example provided, capture a screenshot of your OPNET files using Windows Explorer on Citrix.Requirements: Must clearly show D-number, project, total files in directory, and a listing of the project files. | Spread Spectrum Comparison (45 points)IntroductionFHSSDSSSComparison TableConclusion | 101010510 | Using your textbook and web research, in your own words, summarize what you have learned about LAN modeling using OPNET ITGuru. Requirements: Minimum one paragraph per section; best practice is two or more …show more content…

The demodulation process mixes or multiplies the PN modulated carrier wave with the incoming RF signal. The result produced is a signal with a maximum value when two signals are correlated. Such a signal is then sent to a BPSK demodulator. Although these signals appear to be noisy in the frequency domain, bandwidth provided by the PN code permits the signal power to drop below the noise threshold without any loss of information.

* * Why is it important?
ANS: The benefits of using DSSS are resistance to jamming, sharing single channels among multiple users, less background noise and relative timing between transmitter and receivers.
Comparison between FHSS and DSSS Technique | Advantages | Disadvantages | FHSS | Processing gain. Jamming resistance. Traffic privacy. Low probability of intercept Multiple access capability Short synchronization time. Mulipath rejection, and Near-far performance. | FHSS also suffers from higher MAC latencies | DSSS | DSSS use their bandwidth more efficiently can result in a much higher dataDSSS are much more useful in outdoor and non-cluttered environments | with a DSSS system, a interfering signal could overload the receiver and bring the entire link down |

Guidelines * Summarize what was learned in a concise table format.

In our business environment, we got to evaluate the best approach before installing the wireless system in our company. So we got to study the