Nursing Informatics

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Nurses need to develop the know-how to use information and communications technologies in the collection of data, use of information and generation of knowledge to support nursing practice.
"Nurses, in all domains of practice and at all levels, must be "technology literate" to be able to participate in decision making and evaluation of these systems - systems that should support them in information management, knowledge development and evaluation of new ways of practicing....Evidence-based practice in all practice domains requires competencies in informatics." (Hebert, 1999).
The Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) must developed a working group to examine nursing education needs in informatics for all Philippine nursing students and practicing nurses, educators, managers and researchers. The intent is to develop a national strategy for addressing nursing informatics education.
This Working Group had the goals to: • establish a national definition of Nursing Informatics • propose core competencies for Filipino nurses • identify Nursing Informatics education opportunities currently available to nurses; and determine Nursing Informatics education priorities
Ends in View
This learning activity is intended to give the learner the opportunity to:
a) reflect on how nursing


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