Student Diversity and Classroom Management

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Running head: Student Diversity and Classroom Management

Student Diversity and Classroom Management Maintaining order in the classroom is the number one challenge that new teachers face. In the past few years due to children maturing faster and many coming from broken homes this problem has intensified. Students seem to be more defiant and teachers are more intimidated and unprepared to deal with the issues in the classroom. This usually results in poor classroom management. With the implementation of an effective plan the teacher can make modifications to the classroom to ensure the students are under control and the environment is set for students to excel. There are several strategies that have captured my attention for
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The problem here is that students are so diverse that not all will act appropriately even if they are taught to do so. This concept holds true for every age group. The main point of this method is to plan. Wong stated “If you fail to plan, plan to fail” (Charles, 2008). Harry Wong and his wife feel that by planning, the classroom will be more manageable and students will learn effectively. All teachers can plan; however, not all of them do so. In addition, not all teachers create effective plans. Not planning takes away from valuable instructional time which short changes the student in the long run. Lastly, is William Glasser’s Method, Discipline Guided by Choice Theory. “Glasser says that most classroom misbehavior occurs when students are bored or frustrated by class expectations, conditions that occur when student’s basic needs are not being met in school” (Charles, 2008). This happens all the time in the local school here in California. In 1st grade there was a student who knew little English. He was often bored and frustrated during class time because he did not understand the language being used. The student was constantly acting out and disrupting class. He started to receive some help from an ESL teacher and his behavior improved some; however, when the student reached 2nd grade he was again disruptive. The administrators made the decision to place him back in 1st grade and have him work with a bilingual aid. This helped


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