Operations & Service Management - a Study of Medi-Call Call Centres

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This report was commissioned to examine the number of calls to the Medi – Call Personal Alarms Systems LTD call centre and how the management implement certain capacity strategies in order to distribute call times whether it be an emergency, technical or a reassurance call from the customer. This is viewed over a twelve-hour shift and highlights the problems where the call centre is over capacity or under capacity.

The case study looks at the problems with the current operations and service management within Medi–Call call centres. Within this report the main problems will be identified, for example – the amount of time that could be saved from each call from the customer (for more the more important emergency
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They may also not remember the correct details of what exactly was to be discussed with the customer in order to complete the admin work correctly as they have had an overwhelming amount of calls varying from emergencies to the technical and reassurance calls.

From all these issues with the staff and how the organisation implements their capacity management, it is directly reflected with their quite alarming rate of staff turnover (considering that it takes at least 6 months to fully train a member of staff correctly to deal with the incoming calls from customers correctly and efficiently), this can result in poorly trained staff that are not capable of handling such a high level of calls, especially when working at over capacity (Kash 2002) – they cannot afford to be making mistakes as it is peoples lives they are dealing with. This is why it is so important to implement a new startegy in order to deal with these calls correctly and will benefit both the organisation and the staff as


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