Strategy Decisions

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas A. Edison, prolific inventor

The starting narrative to the James Dyson case can be considered by the symbiotic relationship of entrepreneurial vision and innovation, which lead towards the first domestic bagless vacuum cleaner that caused a paradigm shift in vacuum technology to world consumers. The assignment will conduct an analysis from this revolutionary narrative’s starting point and onto its eventual success. This will be discussed further by examining Dyson’s most profound decision making and strategic choices undertaken during the development of his most successful product ranges; brand and current on-going ventures. The research conducted into Dyson will
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This can be scoped through the bounds of rational and behavioural decision making processes that went into the conception and development of his first dual cyclone model. He accounted that it took 5,127 prototypes before he got it right with his technology (Dyson, 2002). This can strongly be observed by Gelderan (2010) as an entrepreneurial perseverance strategy; where Dyson adherently proves in having this core competency as an enterprising individual. His rational thought towards perseverance can be argued through goal striving, and breaking them down by adding lower layers in the goal hierarchy (Austin and Vancouver, 1996). This perspective is reinforced by Dyson’s personal philosophy of adopting the Edisonian approach of iterative development (Dyson, 2002). Although his overall goal was to build a superior vacuum cleaner, most of the prototypes were failures. This however served as a learning perspicacity, which in turn allowed him to learn from failure; viewing it as a-part of making progress (Gelderan, 2010).

The prerequisite for this successful strategy formation can further be evaluated from Mintzberg’s et al (2009) collated categorisation of strategic schools. Considering this theoretical perspective, Dyson’s strategic position can be


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