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Introduction 3
Marketing Planning and Auditing 4
SWOT Analysis 5
Macro Environment 6
Micro environment 7
Marketing Research and Marketing Intelligence 8
Segmentation 9
Marketing Positioning 10
Buyer Behavior 11
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The Airline companies now a day are mainly depending on marketing to attract new customers and to maintain sustainable relationships with them by promotions, Rewards and Loyalty programs.
Qantas is one of those biggest and oldest airlines in the world who managed to keep making profit out of their businesses
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* World Economy is also important factor that affects Qantas revenue and growth specially the prices of the Air tickets and supplies and the demand traveling by air. For example if a family is planning for a trip and the airline tickets prices is so high, than the family will decide to wait till the prices are lower so Qantas will lose a potential customer.

* Government Regulations is effecting in Qantas especially with the Taxes and Fees on the Organization itself and the employees. Such taxes are allocated by government to improve funds in Airports and provide security for the airlines.

Micro environment:
Micro environment s is factors are close to business and that have direct impacts on the organization success and Qantas has many Factors that affect its strategy.
Qantas group is being affected by the Micro environment and below are some important factors has a big influence:

* Employees are main factor in Qantas micro environment as the employees experience and knowledge is mainly related to Qantas group performance. So training and Development is a critical roll into achieving the expected customer services.

* Shareholders is the main investors in Qantas and they will pressure to increase the profit which effect the organization strategy as they want a return of the money they have invested to help Qantas