Failing Forward

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Zack Ray
Ms. Paulson
28 May 2013
Failing Forward Failing forward is a very important thing to know how to do for personal growth and leadership. Every great leader and successful person has learned how to fail forward. To Fail forward there are fifteen steps. I believe that these steps are fairly accurate, but I’m not really an expert on leadership myself I say these steps are accurate because for each step he gave specific examples of how certain people used one of these steps and eventually becomes successful. For example, in chapter two, Maxwell talks about Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A. First Truett and his brother Ben opened a restaurant called the Dwarf Grill. After becoming a successful business, tragic
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The second reason the stories were important is the retention of information. If something interests you, you will retain more information. The third reason is the give the author credibility. Without telling you stories, the author would just be spitting opinions at you, without anything to back these opinions up. One of the more interesting things in the book was a list that had signs of failing forward, as well as signs of failing backward. This part was interesting to me because you see people take steps in the failing backward category more often than not. For example, you see people make excuses all the time, blame others for their mistakes or shortcomings. To me, this list is one of the more important things throughout the book because the “dos and don’ts” are simple, yet so important.
Failing Backward * Blaming Others * Repeating the same mistakes * Expecting never to fail again * Expecting to continually fail * Accepting tradition blindly
Failing Forward * Being Limited by past mistakes * Thinking I am a failure * Quitting * Taking responsibility * Learning from each mistake * Knowing failure is a part of progress * Maintaining positive attitude * Challenging outdated assumption * Taking new risks * Believing something didn’t work * Perservering

This book had great examples to help you believe that these steps are very important to be not only to be


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