Whitney Houston

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Diagnostic Battery: A Case Evaluation of Whitney Houston
Marc Kelly
Walden University

Diagnostic Battery: A Case Evaluation of Whitney Houston A psychological diagnostic battery is an important instrument in diagnosing various psychological conditions of an individual. As counselors, having an exact diagnosis and a diagnostic evaluation is essential. This paper will attempt to provide a diagnostic battery assessment of Whitney Houston. Although she has pasted away, the paper will present as if she had entered therapy prior to her death. Some missing points of information regarding her life will be added to this paper, although factious, the basis of the information will be drawn from media reports of her life.
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Publicly she would tell the media that she had to pull out due to throat problems, privately, she was having a difficult time managing her drug problem. Her problems became more aggravated following the resignation of her long time friend and executive assistance, Robyn Crawford. Whitney reports that she was very hurt by her resignation and states that she became rather lonely and out of control without her. She reports that all of this has placed her in some financial hardships. She stated, “I have to get back to work.”
Proposed treatment and intervention options From a treatment perspective, several things in Whitney’s life will need to be addressed. It will be important to try and establish a point of balance in her life. This should start with helping her to get some sleep and to address the depression that is sure to resurface once we begin to reduce her substance intake. The plan is to have her enrolled in a formal drug rehab clinic. Three years ago, she tried a two-week rehab program, but it did not work. I am recommending she attend the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah. This rehab programs goes for at least 30 days but can be extended as needed. They are familiar in working with high profile individuals, and have a ranch where they help their clients experience the serenity of the outdoors. Whitney’s goal is to get back on stage and to feel happy about life again. Working with her is going to take a multifaceted approach. The rehab


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