Secret Recipe Plan

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After the authorization of Secret Recipe as a title of our assignment by respected lecturer, we would able to start assignment on time. Our team of 8 members has been queried to assess the market for Secret Recipe in order to develop a marketing strategy with properly planning’s for the Secret Recipe. The main objective of we doing this report is to identify the Secret Recipe currently management and communication level in business in order to develop an successful marketing planning in future for our evaluation of assignment . We did this through completing a market analysis, determining the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat that Secret Recipe facing currently.

As we know, the Secret
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Secret Recipe delivers a high-quality meal quickly, at a reasonable price, and is deeply focused on server- customer interaction. However, Secret Recipe was concerned that its traditional system of handwritten orders and cash registers was restricting the chain’s potential for growth.

Secret Recipe had very much focused on brand building early on. It created its own logo, corporate colour, marketing strategies, uniforms, menu layout, interior design and customer service standards. To be different, Secret Recipe identifies the features of a brand that can extend beyond. These features are what make a brand truly unique and distinctive compared with its competitors.

The products offered at Secret Recipe are high in standard and quality, which specially crafted and tailored by the Secret Recipe. The products are also closely monitored to maintain their quality at their production plant and the restaurant also offers wide selections of secret recipe of home-made cakes, baked desserts, beverages, fusion foods and many others.

Even though the range of prices offered at Secret Recipe is affordable, but it is only focused to serve the middle income group and higher. Lower income group may not have the ability and chances to try their product and decrease the number of customer they could acquire.

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