Legal Profession

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Introduction: The purpose of the essay

I. Legal Profession a) Branches b) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland c) UK Legal System

II. Solicitors a) General Practitioner Lawyers b) Traditions c) Origins

III. Barristers a) Architects and Executives b) Legal Advisers and Advocates c) Lawyer-Client Relationship IV. Difference between Solicitors and Barristers and different Governing Bodies. a) Bar council or the Law Society b) Barristers c) Solicitors V. Beginning Act for Fusion of Legal Profession a) Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 b) House of Lords, Court of Appeal and High Court c) Section 61 of the Act
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(Slapper, 2004).
In this Act dismantled the monopoly of exclusive rights of audience in the higher courts such as House of Lords, Court of Appeal and High Court by barristers. It introduced new arrangements as to who may act as an advocate in courts. (Keenan, 2007). Furthermore this act abolished any “common law rule which prevented barristers from forming multi disciplinary practices with other professions” and Section 61 of the Act “ entering into a contract for the provision of his services” (Keenan,2007). In addition following to this Act the second considerable step towards fusion can be the Access to Justice Act 1999 which introduced the Legal Services Consultative Panel where rights of audience for solicitors have changed. Furthermore barristers and solicitors could take the case from start to finish.

VI. Arguments for Fusion of the profession.

1. Costs- Version of the cab rank Rule (Gillespie, 2007) where the client would have to pay both a solicitor and a barrister, this put by Michael Zander is “To have one taxi meter running is less expensive than to have two or three” meaning that if there would be one profession there would only be one meter (Catherine, 2007). 2. Inefficiency- work is sometimes duplicates,


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