nt2580 lab 6

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Lab #6 – Assessment Worksheet
Perform Business Continuity Plan Implementation Planning
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The instructor will lead the class in discussions pertaining to a business continuity plan. Key elements of a business continuity plan starting with a risk analysis, business impact analysis, and alignment of critical business functions and processes will be discussed. Students will craft a business
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6. How does risk assessment (RA) relate to a business impact analysis for an organization?
The BIA is like conducting a risk assessment except that it is focused on identifying critical, major, and minor business functions and operations. Once you identify these business functions and operations, you must then prioritize them in terms of importance to maintaining operations. Thus, a BIA is a form of risk management and risk assessment because you are assessing and minimizing the risk associated with downtime or unavailable IT systems, applications, and resources. The BIA helps organizations mitigate the risk associated with downtime and unavailable IT resources for business continuity and disaster recovery of critical business functions and operations.
7. Given the list of identified mission critical business functions and processes, what kind of company would you say this organization is, and what do you think are its most important business processes and functions?
This organization is in the production manufacturing business heavily dependent upon a supply chain infrastructure for just in time manufacturing and inventorying. The crux of this organization is based on its online sales through an e-commerce website and a sales support function to drive revenue and cash