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UNIQLO was a Japanese apparel brand under UNIQLO Co., Ltd established in 1974. They offered “MADE FOR ALL” high quality causal wear at competitive price. The firm had earned a huge success and high reputation. They were starting online businesses in 2000 and stepped forward outside Japan, in 2001 opening their first oversea outlets in London UK. As international brand, UNIQLO set up their design studio for own products development next year. As of August 2011, UNIQLO international had 181 stores including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, France and Russia, Japan had 843 stores, totally 1,024 stores in worldwide.

There are at least 5 major factors of macro-environment that will impact the apparel
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 Foreign Exchanges Loss: The Company recorded a foreign exchange loss of ¥8.3bln in the year to August 2011. This was the result of a sharp strengthening in the yen, and related mainly to foreign exchange losses evaluated on their investments overseas.
 Lower Production Costs - The Company’s production in China represents about 85% of the total production for its UNIQLO products owing to low labour, raw materials and other production costs.


There were technological factors that will impact the future of UNIQLO. They allowed for control of the entire business process from planning and design to material procurement and sales ensure all in exceptional quality. The firm collected consumer’s information and different trends from own global brands for development. Providing “Takumi Team” technical support to factories emphasized production and improvements were made promptly and better. Development and research different functional material at low costs in order to creating more project of core item such as HEATTECH, Ultra Down jacket etc... Put the full range of goods at online store to capture consumers’ behavior. Offered advertisement on various channels for promotion such as TV, fashion show, poster, magazine etc… Also change rapidly.

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