Starting a Business Online, Part 1

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Before deciding on whether or not to engage in e-Commerce, a business must look at several factors in order to determine if they are ready and able to do everything needed in order to make it successful. Companies should initially perform a SWOT analysis in order to determine if selling products online would be beneficial to the overall company. They also need to make sure they understand they will be dealing with customers all over the world and are willing to take on the work involved to know all of the legalities involved. Taking a business online opens up a world of opportunities but also presents new challenges and difficulties. A company has to be able to spend the time and money in order to do the necessary research so
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There are several ways that trust can be created in an online store. This can be done by designing a nice looking website (Webshaper). More people will buy from a nice, neat, organized website than from one that looks generic and cheap. Next, the company would need to make sure they are set up to process transactions using reputable payment systems (Webshaper). If a business can set these up in different countries in which they sell products then people will feel more comfortable. Another way to develop trust is to obtain online testimonials from happy customers (Webshaper). The more positive reviews that can be obtained, the more likely people will put their trust in you. Lastly, if a business can obtain a secure link website and/or a 3rd party Trust Mark (Webshaper), that will go a long way in obtaining enough trust from people looking to make a purchase.
There are many different cultures all over the world and it is extremely important to know that what the business might say or pictures it might place on the website don’t offend anyone. There are also many different languages and it is important to make sure everything said on the website can be translated to mean the same thing from English to whatever language potential customers might speak. In order to get address these issues, a company should do a lot of research on cultures around the world and possibly hire a consultant who knows what might be deemed offensive in different countries. After


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