Target Corporation: Maintaining Relevance in the 21st Century Gaming Market

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Target Corporation: Maintaining Relevance in the 21st Century Gaming Market
Situation Analysis
Target Corporation is one of the largest US based retailer popular among suburban women shopping with their children including high spending teenagers because it offers one-stop shopping opportunity with a trendy, superior mix of premium high quality merchandise as well as discount merchandise for its customers., the online, electronic retail store, Target Financial Services, that operates the Target Red and Target Visa card are its other business ventures. Its ‘high level stewardship’ coupled with ‘Expect More-Pay Less’ slogan differentiates it from the rest of retailors.
Video games are among the most productive categories in
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That may include mobile formats, hardware formats, stores formats, Internet formats, and it should be flexible enough to incorporate the upcoming changes as well. This is more viable in today’s world as it gives the company a competitive edge while allowing it to reap the benefits of the existing resources.
Target’s success is built on serving families and women, especially moms. Target doesn’t beat Wal-Mart on price or Amazon on assortment but differentiates on customer experience. When selecting alternatives and developing plans to play online and offline in the video games business, Target should not contradict its core brand equity with its valued guests; the moms with children.
The in-store as well as online games business fronts should continue to focus on Mothers with children, because that is in accordance with the corporate strategy and they are a niche market that any other competitor has not properly focused on whereas competition is minimum and brand authentication is high with its existing brand image to beat any consequent entrant. If the hard-core and sophisticated gamers segments are selected, Target will have to compete vigorously with the giants well established with sound brand equity as well as expertise in the online gaming business domain and establishing in this segment is hence less