Sports Marketing

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Sports Marketing
The Four E’s
Group Presentation and Report
Sports Marketing
The Four E’s
Group Presentation and Report



2. Introduction, Engagement

3. Experience

4. Entertainment, Emotion

5. Conclusion

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Sports’ marketing is becoming more readily known as the vehicle that drives the sports business to success. It is “orientated toward consumers and about thinking, deciding and acting in terms of the final consumer. You have to know who your consumers are, what they want and need and use this effectively as a sports marketer orientating the drive more toward the market, not the product (Sports Marketing: The motor that drives the sports business
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The sport industry is constantly evolving through the development of marketing and it has become a noticeable fact that there is high demand for sports to be entertaining. The purpose is to entertain the audience on multiple levels. The importance of this is shown through the atmosphere and the general feeling acquired when a spectator walks into a stadium. This is created the minute the consumer arrives at the gates of a live game “ we view ourselves as being an entertainment business. You want to keep the customer entertained from the time they set foot in your building until the time they leave” (Bandyopadhyay, Bottone. 1997).

As sports is unpredictable the spectators and fans are never going to be certain as to what to expect when arriving to a sporting match, this leaves the sports marketer opportunity to create elements of surprise, such as live entertainment at half time. These spontaneous events heighten the consumer’s emotions and the games is both produced and consumed at the same time. This environment then creates live entertainment, leaving the spectators wanting more.

The social context of a sporting event is highly important, as sports are a social occasion. If families and groups of friends find a game entertaining they will return again,


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