ECOM320 Assign2

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Part A: Short-answer Questions
1. Explain why supply chain management should be aligned with corporate strategy. Justify your answer with an example.
Supply chain management is essential to align the E-business information system applications that provide to incorporate the systems of commerce to streamline its value chain. The streamlining of the internal value chain combined with the external supply chain is essential for strategy of e-business that allows businesses to respond promptly to the gradually more severe demands of customers online. Tools that assist in aligning the corporate strategy are using the integration of intranets within the corporation that also extend outside the company which are called extranets. Additionally,
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Traditional advertising and marketing can be quite expensive, from billboard ads to flyers. The new age social media marketing and advertising, companies can virtually use in-house tools to collect and distribute the campaign at hand for virtually no money at all. As the demographic of social media expands, businesses can now extend their reach and target the audiences they intend to reach.

5. A vintage clothing store located in Vancouver, Canada would like to expand its market internationally using the Internet. What are the best advertising tools and actions for moving this traditional business to the Internet marketplace? Explain your choices.
The best advertising tools and actions for moving this traditional business into the internet marketplace would be to make use of classified advertising, banners, interstitials, Search Engine Optimization/Online Advertising, viral marketing, and social media marketing.
Classified advertising- web-based classified advertising is an important channel for their local and international audience by targeting consumers looking for vintage clothing. Advantages of web-based classified advertising would be the: low cost, broad reach and better search-ability in comparison traditional paper-based classified ads.
Banners- are graphical images, which may possibly contain interactive applications that appear on websites to be a magnet for users to click-through to other websites or sections of the