Sports Sponsorship

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Sports Sponsorship Research Paper

Being an older sister to an extremely athletic teenage boy, I’ve seen it all when it comes to sports apparel. I’ve learned over the years what’s “cool” and “not cool”, and I know I’m not just speaking for my brother when I say that Under Armour is one of the coolest. But what makes Under Armour so cool? Why do so many athletes, young and old, choose Under Armour over the brands they’ve been so loyal to for so many years, like Nike and Adidas? Our generation was able to witness the brand grow; it began as a company selling only its tight-fitting, sweat absorbing shirts and has now become one of the top-selling sports apparel brands in the world, alongside Nike and Adidas. Of course Under Armour’s
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In fact, Under Armour and Texas Tech are planning a Cotton Game in the fall to promote the new product, allowing cotton farmers to participate in game-time events, such as the coin toss. The brand’s logo dominates golf courses, recreational sports fields, and playgrounds across the community. The local sports authority retailer of Lubbock, Cardinal Sports, recently reported that Under Armour makes up 75% of men’s and youth apparel sales. Taking notice of this success, the retailer re-designed their store around Under Armour, dedicating 6,000 square feet to the one brand alone. Walker Jones, Under Armour’s Director of Sports Marketing, responded to this saying, “There’s no question. Once we go in and become the sideline provider, there’s definitely an increase in retail” (Linehan). And this increasing popularity just keeps growing… The Lubbock Independent School District recently announced that its cross country, football, and volleyball teams will soon be seen in full-out Under Armour uniforms. Not only is Under Armour benefitting from overall sales in Lubbock, but they are also benefitting from the community’s input. Twice a year, Kevin Plank travels to Lubbock to attend a football game and meet with administrators. He brings along with him the latest Under Armour products and has the teams test them out. The Texas Tech basketball team actually wore shoes for two years before the brand finally released them to the public. Kevin leaves


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