Redbull Branding Strategy

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Question 2. (by Shenhua Huang)
Theory section
Market segmentation strategy involves dividing the market into different groups and how a market is segmented is based on certain variables. A Company must identify the parts of the market it can serve best in order to reach their specific target market as well as to achieve the maximum profitability. According to Prof. Dr. Christian Schuhart, several criteria used for different market segmentation include: demographical, socio-economical, psychographic and observable behavior segmentation.

Demographic segmentation is market segmentation based on various demographic factors such as age, gender, marital status, social class, etc. It helps the firm to divide the market into several segments
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Red bull construct their brand image via a series of real life activities to bring soft power to its products, and also shape the unique youthful energetic brand image.

The promotion plan of Red bull is aggressive, it uses all the available media channels to advertise. There is a strong bond between Red Bull and extreme sports. What Red bull has done so well is to create a global culture around their drink. Through their sponsorship of extreme sports, people associate the drink with energy and adrenaline, so that even those who do not participate in extreme sports can still fill their “extreme” desires. The exposure of its logo in extreme sports creates a unique lifestyle that fits in the young generation. Red bull will always show activities where young people get together to enjoy their game with their brand. On the official website of Red bull one can hardly see any product exposure, instead the content is replaced by a rich and interesting content that fits to their consumers’ lifestyle: a platform of a variety of popular and creative sports, games, music and culture events with a full range of live content that are more integrated into the consumers’ daily life that deliver the brand message instead of directing promoting products. The accumulation of the content sums up as the brand essence with the logo of


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