Sometimes a Simple Change Isn't so Simple

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Case Study - Sometimes a Simple Change Isn’t So Simple

Regina Pierson

Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies
November 22nd 2015

Central Hospital in Tempe, Arizona decided to implement a computerized Medication Administration Record (MAR) into one of their small locations before rolling it out to the entire organization. Art Baxter, the Chief Information Officer in charge of Medical Information Systems (MIS) at Central Hospital assigned Kate Cohen, a programmer and analyst, as the Project Manager. Kate formed a project team but failed to include representatives from departments that were going to use the system. Unfortunately, the key stake holder/users did not have a seat at the table. Even though the
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Right before the switch there was speculations of a company shakeup. An organizational shakeup can be very disruptive. This may cause current employees to question their longevity within the company. This shakeup could have caused the resistance to the new interface switch. When employees are secure and happy within a company there are more susceptible to change.

An alternative Central Hospital should have considered is to hire an external Information Technology (IT) firm. The IT firm would be tasked with developing and implementing the MARs system as well as providing ongoing support post system roll out. There are several benefits and risks to consider before hiring an outside IT firm. The benefits of hiring an external IT firm are; they are experienced professionals, internal resources at Central Hospital can be freed up and they provide access to the latest technologies. The risk involved with this alternative is variable cost. IT vendors are typically staffed with experienced and certified professionals. Working with experts who have experience developing large enterprise wide systems will mitigate the risks of developing a system plagued with bugs. Hiring an IT firm would allow the hospital to free up resources. Transferring the MARS project from the internal project team to an external firm would allow the internal project team members to focus their time and effort on their primary


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