The Attention Economy

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Over the years the internet has become a major element in the world. It has been integrated into every aspect of today’s society: becoming part of our social life, education system and everyday routines, such as online shopping or booking tickets. It is responsible for the vast networking and connecting of the world. The world has become a smaller place, where it is possible to be in one country while talking and seeing another person in a different continent. The advances and conveniences the internet has created is on one level an incredible advantage to society, however on another level there are many subtle pitfalls that have been created with the advancing of technology and easy access of the internet. In the following essay the …show more content…

Wikipedia, a website where one can post information is a perfect example of a website where one can get an overview on a topic in which they have no knowledge; at the same time the mere fact that anyone can post information gives one reason to question its reliability. A way to overcome this downfall is to always check up on each website you use. Check the authors name and who they link to, as well as checking the spelling and grammar and the domain name. By doing this you are not only checking up on the credibility of the website but also making an effort to pay more attention.

In association with the disadvantages and further negative effects of using the internet does not really affect our daily lives but rather the way we think. Using the internet consistently causes biological changes in the brain, when browsing one is required to change the way information is comprehended. (Carr, 2008) A major pitfall with regard to the internet is that there is simple too much information. With an overload of information one tends to “skim” read over articles, especially when reading on a computer screen, people’s eyes tend to get sore and tired. So if every time someone researches a topic and simply glances over all the information, this can lead to laziness in which the habit can be carried out in things other than researching on the internet. One can become lazy when reading


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