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Anahita Seyedin
Mr. Russell o. Parkman

County of San Diego
CAFR & Budget Analysis
San Diego County begins with the first landing by a European in the present state of California and the first European settlement in California , so that San Diego has been described as "the birthplace of California."
After being discovered by Portuguese explorers sailing under the Spanish flag Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo named the area San Miguel (estimated year: 1499-1543 ). It wasn’t until 1602 that San Diego got its namesake. Spain sent mapper Sebastian Vizcaino to map the California coast and
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The total budget of the county is $4,859,635,164,which of this amount, Enterprise Fund budget of fiscal year is : $24,314,387 million and General Fund is $ $3,742,809,210.

The sources of revenue are State Revenue, Federal Revenue , Charges For Current Services Taxes , Current Property , Taxes Other Than Current Secured, Other Financing Sources, Use of Fund Balance Other Intergovernmental Revenue , Fines , Forfeitures & Penalties Revenue From Use of Money & Property Licenses, Permits & Franchises Miscellaneous Revenues Fund Balance Component Decreases which depicts below in pie chart :

General Fund Budget review
The General Fund is the County's largest single and primary operating fund. It is used to account for all financial resources of the County except those required to be accounted for in other funds. In this Adopted Operational Plan, General Fund Financing Sources total $3.74 billion for Fiscal Year 2011-12, a $3.8 million or 0.1% increase from Fiscal Year 2010-11 Adopted Budget. In comparison, the previous nine fiscal years saw an average annual growth rate of 4.5%. This decrease reflects the continued after-effects of the national and international economic downturn, the impact of the State of California's budget constraints and estimates of


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