How Power Is Excercised in George Orwelll's 1984

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George Orwell was the pseudonym for Eric Arthur Blair, and he was famous for his personnel vendetta against totalitarian regimes and in particular the Stalinist brand of communism. In his novel, 1984, Orwell has produced a brilliant social critique on totalitarianism and a future dystopia, that has made the world pause and think about our past, present and future, as the situation of 1984 always remains menacingly possible. The story is set in a futuristic 1984 London, where a common man Winston Smith has turned against the totalitarian government. Orwell has portrayed the concepts of power, marginalization, and resistance through physical, psychological, sexual and political control. The way that Winston Smith, the central
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An important aspect of the party's oppression is the sexual repression of its subjects. The sexual instinct is a powerfully emotional desire that must be suppressed to ensure complete loyalty to the party. Personal emotions are often irrational and strong in nature, and if allowed the freedom to develop, loyalty to the party would become secondary to ones' sexual partner or relative. In fact, it is one of the ultimate goals of the party to "destroy the orgasm in its entirety." Winston's suffering from a varicose veins in his ankle could be seen as an allusion to Oedipus Rex and is symbolizing an unhealthy repression of the sex drive. When he and Julia have sex, they are showing a form of resistance against the party which marginalizes the act through its anti sex league.

In 1984 there are many allusions to history and symbolisms that Orwell has used to demonstrate the amount of power the ruling oligarchy of Oceania actually have in context to the time. The first of these is the image of Big Brother, with his "thick black moustache and ruggedly handsome features", it is accepted that Big Brother represents Stalin, mainly because of the moustache. The second allusion is that of Goldstein, whos story mirrors Trotsky. The similarities between Oceania and communist Russia are accepted later by O'Brien, who acknowledges the fact that "they and Nazi Germany came very close to us in their methods". These comparisons have all been emphasized by Orwell to