A Day in the Life of Alex Sander

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A Day in the Life of Alex Sander:
Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products.

Case Analysis Report Submitted by: OB Group 2
Group Members:

1. Anil Kumar Reddy(2013031)
2. Aneesh Aswal(2013028)
3. Animesh Bajpai (2013032)
4. Ankita Sharma (2013041)
5. Anshul Karn(2013044)
6. Anshul Rajora (2013046)

The following analysis is based on the attitude and behaviour of Alex Sander - newest and youngest product manager at LANDON. He had been very successful in the two product releases he has been in charge of. He is an extremely talented, hard working and dedicated individual and has been very effective. He is capable of delivering results but when it comes to team management he doesn’t seem to fit into the role. He
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He assigned a daunting list of action items to every team member. When one of the team members raised the issue of other commitments, Alex forced them challenging to complete the task and said he was also having a longer list of items than anyone. At 9PM, in gym when his neighbour asked how the performance review went, he said he had to take one of the two career paths. Either staying in a managerial track at large place like Landon, with responsibility to mentor staff and build a productive team that fits with company culture, or to become owner in a small start-up, where he can really have some say. He also said he had to figure out how to handle Sam and 360 degree feedback process. Sam was reviewing Alex’s situation with another product group supervisor. He said Alex was odd with his fellow colleagues but he was a star. He also said like he had a very high personal interest in keeping Alex in Landon. So the Glass colleague suggested Sam to think about the challenge at two levels:
1. What do you as a manager need to do to channel Alex’s talent and ensure success, for your product group and for Alex as an individual?
2. Are there any recommendations you can make to company executives to improve the 360 degree process next year and to help Landon develop leadership talent long-term?

Main Issues:
Alex Sander’s behaviour can be summed up in the


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