An Angel Investor with an Agenda

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Dilemma Faced

In this case study, Gloria Londono, a health care entrepreneur and owner of several eldercare centres, Calidad de Vida as it is called, has a cloud of dilemmas hovering on her mind. Victor Serna, an angel investor, has offered her three million euros as an investment in her company. However, Victor does not prefer franchising and had informed Gloria that he would rather she open up new centres with direct ownership and control. On top of that, he is demanding for a twenty-five per cent stake, a board seat with voting rights on all strategic decisions and the option of liquidating his position in the short term future of five years either through a public offering or a sale. Given this option of more funding, as such, the
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Eldercare patients and their family members are the heart of the business. The golden rule that Gloria devised and advocate to all employees is that family members are to be treated as patients too, as they are involved in developing the treatment programs for their loved ones. Calidad de Vida brand stands for high quality, innovative and all-inclusive care, so ultimately, both the patients and their family will expect nothing less than good quality service. Virtue ethics is the best perspective to describe these patients and their family members as everyone wants the best for themselves and being under the healthcare industry, getting quality service is the foundation of good life and contributing to the common good (Grace and Cohen 2005, Bertland 2009).

T – Talking

The other aspect of being a seeing-talking practitioner is talking. Before Gloria makes her decision, she should talk to a group of people to assist her in the decision making process. Firstly, Gloria should speak to Victor on two things, namely his ethical values and also to find out the real reason for his interest in buying the elder care centre. She should also talk to the other board members and staff regarding the offer and to ascertain their views on the possibility of being bought over and how they would want to see the company grow. Gloria should also talk to the rest of the franchisees on their issues in abiding with her set of value systems as some of the centres are performing