Intercultural Communication Paper

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Intercultural Communication Paper
Doris Ingersoll
University of Phoenix
Comm. /360
Valerie Fuller
April 18, 2012

Intercultural Communication Paper Demonstrate an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly affected international commerce or foreign policy with United States and Mexico. Mexico is a country of intercultural relevance neighboring among the American continent. The United States of America is the traditional believe in a different in tradition. The norms between the two counties are the ethic, language with in intercultural communication.
In the United States there over a 313 million people in the population and it the third largest country in the world. It said the large portion of the
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In intercultural communication relationship the United States and Mexico can learn tremendous about the people and their cultural background, barriers that involve stereotyping and the historical and political contexts of each. Because of rapid changes in economic forces, technology, and communication experiences in the work forces it is very important to have problem solving in intercultural communication (Huntington, 2005). The dialogical approach is a suggestion for meeting ethical imperative relationships is importance for both countries. The key intercultural communication theorist the United States and Mexico need to have self-awareness, demographic, economic imperative, technological imperative, peace imperative, ethical imperative and of each cultural to understand social, political, and historical contexts.
The approaches or theories may work to resolve poor intercultural communication between United States and Mexico is the communication theorist by Charles Berger (Huntington, 2005). According to Charles Berger theorist interacting with someone from a different culture who may look, act, and communicate different with some very complex predictive and explanatory problems. To interact with someone in a different culture an individual must select the appropriate and the effectively way to communicate some extent verbal and nonverbal messages. Berger theorizes an individual experience anxiety when interacting with a stranger and


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