Business Ethics 301

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Module 2: Case Study, Should disabled veterans get preferential treatment over better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans?
Course Number: Ethics 301

Normally, when I have written papers in the past I have read the question asked of the professor and roll around the question in my head. I usually respond to the question with a “short answer”, which would be “no” or “long answer” which is “yes”, and then research the question further. I have done so with this question as well. My short answer is “no”. Why would a company hire a person with a disability, or someone without a disability, over a possible employee who is better qualified? After
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Reports are filed and sent to Congress for a check and balance to ensure the DVAAP guidance is adhered too. Just as there is the DVAAP in place for the disabled veteran there is affirmative action to balance the equality for women, racial minorities, etc. While I believe that these two programs are just in their overall strengths to help different strokes of folks, the question still remains should we, as a business society, NOT hire the better qualified candidate.

On the utilitarian side of the coin we have:
Disabled veterans with the opportunity to be hired even though they are not the better choice. - As with affirmative action and DVAAP, these programs would give the workplace the different cultures from a mix of cultural diversified personnel.
On the flip side of the coin there is the deontological aspect:
The disabled veteran has the right to special treatment due to sacrificing his life as a soldier at war.
Given the programs set in place for minorities and veterans, the balance of equality is equal. In conclusion, my “short answer” to the question is still a “no”. But we as a business society have programs in place that care for and protect disabled veterans. Affirmative action programs have provided thousands of minority people and women the opportunity to not be discriminated against in the workplace. These programs have provided equal pay, equal bonuses, equal


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